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About Checo Hill Guesthouse

Checo Hill is our home, guesthouse and farm in the hills of Cayo District near to the Mountain Pine Ridge. We are located on the outskirts of the village of Seven Miles / El Progresso, a small farming community.

We offer bed and breakfast accommodation, a self-catering kitchen, meals on request and a variety of activities in the surrounding area and wider Cayo District.


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Septic tanks and a family visit

Some time ago, we rashly promised two of Adam's cousins that if they visited us in April 2015 we would by then have a comfortable room for them to stay in with hot water, a flushing toilet, proper bed, walls and a roof. So we spent the months leading up to their visit trying to get everything ready, starting with many days down the septic tank, trying to fix the leaks....

After that we were able to start work on laying a floor in the bedroom, putting up walls, and some time amongst all the chaos we bought and installed a new power system, with several solar panels, and lots (compared to the two we had previously) of batteries.

Then the last thing was the bathroom. It's not quite complete, but it does at least have hot water, a flushing toilet and a shower with stones from the Roaring River laid into the floor. And it was ready by April!

Published by Kate Lloyd on May 7 2015