View of the area around Checo Hill Farm
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About Checo Hill Guesthouse

Checo Hill is our home, guesthouse and farm in the hills of Cayo District near to the Mountain Pine Ridge. We are located on the outskirts of the village of Seven Miles / El Progresso, a small farming community.

We offer bed and breakfast accommodation, a self-catering kitchen, meals on request and a variety of activities in the surrounding area and wider Cayo District.


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Gray hawk

Another week, another avian visitor here at Checo Hill - this time a Gray Hawk (Buteo plagiatus). This raptor has been hanging around for a few months now, hunting for small prey in the field in front of our house.

It's been spending significant amounts of time perched on the stump of a dead cohune tree directly in front of our porch - perfect for observing over a morning cup of coffee.

(And speaking of coffee, our coffee trees are coming along well: looking green and healthy, despite the extremely variable rainfall we've had this past year. We can't wait for them to fruit! Really looking forward to that...)

Published by Adam Lloyd on March 9 2016